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Operation and Services

Under Construction 

YINDI SERVICES is a one-stop partner for operational, servicing, maintenance and logistics support for a wide range of infrastructure and utility equipment and plant.

From small pump stations and package treatment plants to the facility maintenance for an entire construction camp, Yindi Services has the personnel, equipment and experience to offer one-stop solutions for all of your project support infrastructure and facilities.

With tier-one safety and quality systems in place, our Team has the experience to procure, install, commission, maintain, service and operate your most sophisticated water, wastewater and personnel support infrastructure, including long-term operation and maintenance capability for operational assets, with intervention strategies aligned to the lifespan of those assets.

Municiple Assets

Jeremy to write about Gympie WWTP/WTP?? 

Accommodation Infrastructure Facility Management

Steve to write about “generic” camp accommodation facility and our capability to manage treatment plant discharges to within required EPA requirements, inclusive of all chemical supply and management of infrastructure, including selective replacement of components to match economic lifespans. Picture?

Membrane  Replacement

Jeremy to write a blurb about Cairns WWTP? Pictures showing cranes? Jeremy photos?

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